While finely crafted tattoos last for a lifetime, they do fade over the years. Daily life, sun, aging and other factors come in to play when considering the continued brilliance of your permanent body art. That is why Tattoo Aftercare is important to assist in the longevity and clarity of your tattoo. Here are some tips and tricks relating to tattoo aftercare. Its my goal to have your new artwork survive the test of time. Upholding a solid tattoo aftercare routine is essential in making sure your new ink looks fresh and new for years to come.



Once you have your new tattoo, it is important to follow the procedures regarding initial tattoo aftercare provided for you. It is pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised the neglect that takes place when people aren’t given the proper knowledge regarding tattoo aftercare.If not tended to properly, your tattoo can become infected or you could permanently damage the final appearance of your body art. 

Aggressively disturbing the tissue during the healing process, by force or with harsh chemicals not intended for tattoo aftercare use, is highly discouraged. Once you remove the initial bandage, gently wash the tattoo with anti-bacterial soap. Do not use any sort of astringents, alcohols or peroxide to clean the tattoo. It is important that the tattoo stays moist. Harsh chemicals such as astringents only work to dry your tattoo out.

Once you have cleaned the tattoo, apply a THIN layer of anti-bacterial ointment such as Aquaphor. It is important to not overly saturate the area with product. A thin layer is advised, but over-saturating the area that is trying to heal can interfere with the healing process. Consider not putting more than what you would use on your face. Of course there is a wide variety of tattoo aftercare ointments on the market today, that are made specifically for tattoos and body art. Once you’ve gently cleaned your tattoo and applied tattoo aftercare ointment, leave the tattoo uncovered and allow it to breathe. Repeat these steps twice a day for 3-4 days.

After three to four days, instead of applying Aquaphor or a tattoo aftercare specific ointment, use a lotion that does not have any sort of fragrance. Also AVOID SWIMMING POOLS, LAKES, SALT WATER, soaking in hot tubs or taking long baths. Tanning beds are out too. Any harsh conditions or chemicals should be avoided until you are fully healed.


Tattoo Healing Time is not an Exact Science. 

While it is not an exact science as to how fast you will heal, because everyone heals at a different rate, there is a window of time where your tattoo should be close to healed. Obviously it depends on the size of your tattoo, the style, how well you’ve followed your tattoo aftercare instructions, and where on your body you’ve decided to get your new ink. A tattoo normally starts to appear fully healed in the one to two week window, but the truth is that it could take upwards of a month for the tattoo to fully heal underneath the skin’s surface.



It is no mystery that a healing tattoo itches. Even people without tattoos are aware of this simple fact. It is very important to NOT SCRATCH OR PICK YOUR TATTOO when it starts to scab up. It is healing as it should and the itching is an indicator that it is healing properly. Even though it may look a little strange, and annoyingly itchy, fight the urge to irritate it. In most cases, applying lotion to the tattoo will help to relieve the itching.



The sun isn’t really a friend of fresh tattoo. In fact it can really derail the healing process. We can’t stress it enough to always wear sunscreen, especially on your tattoo. The use of sunscreen is incredibly important throughout the life of your tattoo, not just when you first get a tattoo. While we should all protect ourselves when out in the sun for long periods of time, for the tattooed lot of us, it is important to guard our beautiful ink from the sun’s fading affects.

Even when your tattoo has fully healed we suggest you remain diligent with paying extra attention to your inked regions. Applying and reapplying sunscreen can really make a big difference in the longevity of your tattoo. There are many products specifically designed for protecting your tattoo or tattoos from sun damage. We recommend you only apply sunscreen AFTER your tattoo is healed. 

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